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Braised Tofu

This is a homely recipe for braised tofu with minced meat and (hon shimeji) mushrooms. Every family has its own recipe for braised tofu and this is how I cooked mine, which is really simple.

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I frequently vary this recipe by substituting minced meat with roasted pork, or using a different type of mushrooms (such as dried shiitake mushroom). For meatless version, just skip the mince. This is a flexible recipe which utilities whatever ingredient which is accessible at the moment. This savoury braised tofu goes very well with rice. 

Braised Tofu Recipe

5 comments on “Braised Tofu”

  1. Yeah, this is homey comfort dish to me. Goes well with rice, porridge and even noodles :)

  2. I love tofu dish and this braised tofu looks delicious, one of my favorite ways to cook tofu…thanks for the recipe Wiffy.
    Have a great week :)

  3. A little unrelated, but I love the dish! Where is it from?

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