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Chayote with Pork

I remember when I first ate chayote (at a vegetable rice/菜饭 stall), I mistaken it for cucumber and I wonder how it retains the crunch after str-frying. It was only after a while that I found out that I had eaten chayote and not cucumber (though they are in related food family).

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So now, whenever anyone asks me what chayote tastes like, I always described it as an enhanced version of cucumber – inherently sweet without that “tap water” taste of cucumber (maybe it’s just me), and also nicely crunchy after stir frying.  I like the natural taste of chayote so much that in this recipe, I don’t use strong tasting sauces such as dark soy or oyster sauce. I like to cook this chayote with pork version when I’m busy since there is vegetable and meat in one dish.

Chayote with Pork


Chayote is also called Buddha palm or closed palm melon in Chinese due to the fact that the side view (shown above) resembles a closed (clenched) palm. You should have seen it around the supermarkets even if you are not familiar with it. The taste is light, refreshing and sweet, so it made me feel healthy eating it. My mum said they are good for Chinese soups too.

12 comments on “Chayote with Pork”

  1. This reminds me of the plant in the play “little house of horrors”. I hated chayote when I was a child and now when I find it in my market, I buy it. Like your version.

  2. I have seen this in Tigerfish’s blog and now yours. I passed by Chayote in the supermarket often but didn’t pick it up. I guess next time I will surely buy one and try. :)

  3. Yum! I discovered chayote in college and have liked it ever since.

  4. LOL! I have always thought it’s a kind of guava.

  5. I am so glad that you showed the picture of what is chayote! I wouldnt have a clue otherwise!

  6. I like chayote and the stir-fry looks light yet very flavourful and tasty.

  7. I have never seen this before, but looks good in stir-fry!

  8. Your chayote in the dish looks like Szechuan veg. ;P …I like chayote – I thought the texture more like crunchy pear. Love them in stir-fries and they are good in soups and stews too.

  9. I simply love this healthy recipe. Simple & easy to cook. Thanks for the sharing.

  10. Hi!  I don’t eat pork so would chicken be a viable alternative?

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