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Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

This sweet potato & ginger soup (番薯老姜糖水) certainly warmed our tummies and soul when we enjoyed a hot bowl on a rainy day. I have been cooking & eating more sweet potatoes these days, because the past 2 months of working from home has made me put on weight T_T Sweet potatoes help keep me full, while aiding in weight loss due to its lower Glycemic Index (GI) at the same time.

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Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe
My version of this Chinese sweet soup (糖水) is extra spiced and delicious, due to the addition of pure (Bentong) ginger powder. Check out the ingredients & step-by-step photos in this post. 


Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe Ingredients
Main ingredients: Sweet potato (orange/yellow flesh), ginger, black sugar (I used this jaggery sugar from Sheng Siong), pandan leaves …

Dried Longan
… and dried longan.

Sweet Potato Chunks
Peel and cut the sweet potato to large chunks.

Ginger (Lightly Smashed)
Lightly smash the ginger with a mortar & pestle (pictured above) or the flat part of a chopper. After this, I placed the ginger in a disposable soup pouch (optional) for easy removal & in case there are small bits of ginger in the soup.


Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe (Step 1/3)
Add all the ingredients (including sugar) into the pot.

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe (Step 2/3)
When water is added, the soup changes to a dark colour immediately due to the black sugar I am using.

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe (Step 3/3)
Bring to a boil for 15 to 20 minutes (with a small lid vent opening), until the sweet potato is just done. Do not boil for too long as the sweet potato will become mushy & disintegrate easily.

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup Recipe (Secret Ingredient)
As a special finishing touch, I added a small amount of pure ginger powder to taste. This ingredient is optional, but it made a huge difference: the sweet potato soup tasted extra spiced, warming and delicious. I bought my bottle from Malaysia before the lockdown, but you can still find pure ginger powder in some Chinese organic food shops in Singapore.

5 comments on “Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup”

  1. Very nutritious and tasty! I love longan meat :-)

  2. Where did u get that cute looking pot? Mind to share? :)

  3. Sweet potatoes do not keep me full for long leh…..:( I think the orange-flesh sweet potato is more suitable for such desserts? When roasted, they do not have a nice and dense texture compared to those yellow-flesh Taiwan/Japanese ones.

    Your cute and dainty slow-cooker is attracting lots of attention :p I also like it but I don’t think can buy from Taobao here.

    • This was a 1kg bag of North Carolina sweet potatoes I tried for the first time. You are right, not sweet at all. Me too, I prefer the taste of Japanese sweet potatoes!

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