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Miso chicken wings

Recently, I bought a new type of miso which turned out saltier than the miso I normally used. My noob cook’s instincts tell me it might be great for oven baked miso chicken wings, and yes, they turned out well – the chicken wings were sticky with a nice glaze and deliciously savoury :D

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Hokkaido Miso with Dashi Paste
This is the Hokkaido miso I used. It had dashi added for better flavour. You can use any favourite brand and type of miso (red/white etc …) in this recipe, just season the marinating sauce to taste with more or less miso/honey accordingly.

Miso Chicken Wings Recipe
The recipe is really simple – I prepare the marinade sauce (ingredients & measurements on page two) and coat the chicken pieces (mid-joint & drumlettes) in it. For best results, marinade the chicken overnight in the fridge, if not at least 4 hours.

Miso Chicken Wings Recipe

2 comments on “Miso chicken wings”

  1. The dashi in the miso probably made the miso saltier than before.

  2. Can’t wait to try this! Have to get some more miso soon.

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