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Miso Clams Stir-Fry

Miso Clams

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I’m sure you are familiar with using miso paste to make miso soup, but have you tried using it in a stir-fry? Miso is an excellent ingredient for stir-frying because of its deep savoury flavour, so it eliminated the need for excessive seasonings which is half the work cut out.

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Coupled that with quick cooking clams (cooking time of less than 5 minutes) and you have a finger-licking good miso clams side dish, cooked with minimum effort and in almost no time at all. This fast and easy recipe definitely appeal to the lazy cook in me :)

Miso Clams

10 comments on “Miso Clams Stir-Fry”

  1. Recently I found that clams done this way (esp. when there is a lot of clam sauce) goes quite well with thick bee hoon (those used in laksa). Similar to Vongole but because bee hoon is almost quite bland, it complements the deep savoury clam flavors very well!

    Never tried miso as seasoning before, as I fall back to the same style for clams every time: garlic, shallots(or green onions), ginger, chili padi, cooking wine. Will the miso make it very salty? Usually I don’t even add salt or soy sauce to my clam dish :O

    • I usually add either fermented black beans or dashi to season my clam dish, else too bland for me. maybe my salt requirement is higher than yours (that’s not good though :P) Oh, good idea about the bee hoon, I shall add some to my miso clam soup next time to make it a one-dish-meal :)

  2. Agree, miso paste is good for stir-frying too, also proved to me that it goes very well with garlic. This must be an umami dish!

  3. Looks pretty in their shells!

  4. Have never tried frying lala with miso paste. Looks easy enough and yes cuts down on seasoning.

  5. That’s a great idea for miso! I’m trying to find some easy and fast dishes to serve as weeknight sides

  6. When soaking the clams in salt water for 1 hour, do you keep it in the fridge or outside at room temperature?

  7. Juz tried this and replace sake with choya since I do not have sake. Tasty dish! Downside is not enough gravy. Shld I add more water?

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