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Asian-spiced Chicken Salad Packed Lunch

This spicy chicken salad packed lunch was made using fridge leftovers. An assortment of salad leaves is topped with an Asian-spiced shredded chicken, brown rice, cherry tomatoes & almonds. This salad takes only 15 minutes to make, saves me money, and also suits my diet of eating lower & complex carbs. I categorized the recipe under “no-cook” since I am using deli chicken & leftover cooked brown rice.

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Asian-spiced Chicken Salad Recipe

This is my “lunch box”. I usually wash and re-use a disposable takeaway salad container one time instead of discarding it right away.

Asian-spiced Chicken Salad Recipe
Tip for meal prep: separate the wet toppings from the salad. Without proper meal prep or salad containers, I have to improvise. As I am eating the salad the next day, I put a piece of food-grade wax (or parchment) paper on top of the salad leaves before placing the chicken & toppings, to prevent the salad leaves from getting soggy. Pull out the paper just before eating, so that the salad leaves stay fresh and crisp.

Seasoned Asian-spiced Chicken Recipe
The spicy shredded chicken is the main protein of the salad.  The chicken was made with the convenience of a rotisserie chicken breast from the supermarket deli, so there is no-cooking involved. The shredded chicken is seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce and Korean chilli flakes for a spicy Asian kick.

Asian-spiced Chicken Salad (Sesame Soy) Dressing
This salad dressing takes only a minute – just sesame oil & soy sauce. I’m using disposable condiment bottles from Daiso this time round. Before eating, shake the bottle so that the sauce is emulsified, before pouring over the salad.

2 comments on “Asian-spiced Chicken Salad Packed Lunch”

  1. That’s a healthy and mouthwatering packed lunch that fulfills all the nutritional needs!

  2. Great tip using the parchment paper as a separator. That lime at the corner will definitely freshen up everything in this salad, love it!

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