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Golden Kiwi Smoothies

My golden kiwi smoothies are made in 10 minutes with only 5 ingredients. The pretty hues of the smoothies had inspired me to make a golden kiwi themed overnight oats recipe that I posted earlier.

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Golden Kiwi Smoothies Recipes

I made two versions of this smoothie, one resulting in a more pastel yellow hue, and the other with a sunny orange shade.


Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
First, cut the kiwi flesh to small chunks. If your fruit market is clearing overripe kiwis with big discounts, then don’t miss the opportunity, as the slightly overripe ones are the sweetest and most perfect for smoothies.

Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
Next, add half a banana for natural sweetness and creaminess. Similarly to the kiwi, use overripe banana for best results.

Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
For the main version, I use 100% pure coconut water, honey & some Greek (or any plain) yoghurt. Whizz for a few moments until smooth. This blender is personal-sized, so it makes a smoothie for one person.

Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
This version will result in a pretty pastel shade of yellow. You can taste more of the kiwi (and banana) in this one.

Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

Golden Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
In place of the coconut water, use 100% pure orange juice instead. This one tastes more citrusy and refreshing. The smoothie also has a sunny yellow hue as a result of the orange juice. Both smoothies taste very different even though only one ingredient changed. Both are delicious so I always make the two versions for variety.

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