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Avocado Milk

This is a recipe for creamy avocado milk which can be made in 5 minutes with 3 ingredients. As a routine, I always buy an avocado drink on Friday mornings but not anymore because I make my own now! The home-made version is cheaper, purer and more tasty.

Avocado Milk Recipe

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Avocado Milk Recipe
I made my avocado milk in a USB blender which is great for soft fruits like avocado, and enables me to bring it on-the-go.

Avocado Milk Recipe
Since I am in Singapore (Southeast Asia), I used evaporated milk and gula melaka syrup which is how we locals make this drink. The drink is much creamier and tastier as a result. However, one can easily substitute with any milk variety or sweetener.

Avocado Milk Recipe

If you want more control over the sweetness, you can add the sweetener only to each serving glass. On low-carb days, I drink this without sweetener.

3 comments on “Avocado Milk”

  1. Simple quick and wonderful!

  2. I like making this with low fat milk and honey. Much more economical than buying outside and healthier too. And very satisfying cos the avocado makes it creamy.

  3. This avocado milk is just so different with the use of gula melaka. Every time I see your USB blender, it makes me itch to buy something similar lei….

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