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Avocado Vegetable Smoothie

This green avocado vegetable smoothie requires only 5 ingredients & 5 minutes to make. It’s delicious, nutritious, and is so much cheaper to make at home with better ingredients. It’s also a great use of a slightly over-ripened avocado!

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Avocado Vegetable Smoothie Recipe
I’m continuing my morning exercise streak and this green avocado smoothie was certainly a great treat to look forward to after exercising ^o^


The star ingredient is a slightly imperfect avocado:

(Slightly) Imperfect Avocado

(Slightly) Imperfect Avocado
I struck the avocado lottery by buying four perfect avocados (a big thing for me) and this was the last  avocado. Due to my slowness in using this last avocado, I knew it had over-ripened by its outer wrinkly appearance. But it was not as bad as I imagined when I cut it open, at least it only had a few blemishes and still the right colour. I was actually preparing for the worst case that the avocado had browned, which other than mashing up the avocado, another strategy is to blend it with an all-natural green vegetable juice powder, which was how this recipe come about.

Note As long as the avocado does not taste rancid, it is still generally safe to eat it, so this recipe is a great use for such slightly imperfect avocados. You have to use your best judgement on this. Never eat an avocado that has turned bad, those should be discarded right away. 

NATURAL VEGETABLE POWDER (for Drinks & Smoothies)

Vegetable Green Juice Powder
I had this last sachet of Japanese four-vegetable green juice powder (it contained barley young leaves, ashitaba leaves, kale, and bitter gourd). It gives a vibrant green to any drink, milkshake and smoothie, while boosting one’s intake of veggies. I bought this at Daiso SG (only seen it at the Marina Square outlet so far), and there are four sachets in one packet for S$2. One is supposed to drink this powder mixed with water or milk, but I find that really bland! Adding it to drinks like this avocado milk is much more enjoyable for me. You can use any brand of green vegetable powder that is specific for making drinks & smoothies. Be sure to find one that is all-natural and sugar free.

If you can’t find green vegetable powder, you can also use green tea powder to enhance the colour of the drink when working with a slightly oxidised (but not rancid or spoilt) avocado.


Avocado Vegetable Smoothie Ingredients
The rest of the ingredients (honey, milk and coconut water) are what I usually use when I make an avocado milk.


Avocado Vegetable Smoothie Recipe
Just put everything in the blender and process until well combined. If the consistency is too thick, add a bit more milk or coconut water to thin it slightly. That’s it! It’s really easy! :)

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  1. Wah, got treasure in Daiso again! So lucky.

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