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Avocado Wafu Salad

Last week, I bought a tray of four perfectly ripened avocados at the fruits stall. This was a big thing for me, because I had my fair share of misses when buying avocado! With my stroke of avocado good luck, I made and enjoyed this avocado wafu salad for two consecutive days.  The salad was served with a home-made wafu vinaigrette dressing which is tangy and savoury, which is perfect for the hot weather.

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Avocado Wafu Salad Recipe

This avocado salad also contains cherry tomato, corn niblets and Japanese cucumber (basically what I had in the fridge). Avocado contains healthy fats, so this salad is great as a post workout treat, or a side salad to share with your family for dinner.



Avocado Wafu Salad Dressing Ingredients
Make the quick wafu vinaigrette dressing by whisking these ingredients in a bowl: sesame oil, rice vinegar, honey (or fine sugar), ginger paste (or ginger juice) & soy sauce. Season to taste.

Note: I highly recommend using Japanese rice vinegar (I got mine from Daiso), but you can substitute with apple cider or any clear rice vinegar. In this salad dressing, sesame oil is used in place of olive oil. I’m using the popular Japanese “Kadoya” brand of Japanese sesame oil, it’s really aromatic and an asset in a salad. You can find it at Japanese supermarkets such as Don Don Donki. I kept my bottle of sesame oil in the fridge for freshness as our weather is humid.

Avocado Wafu Salad Dressing
I portioned out about 2 tbsp dressing for this salad, and kept the remaining dressing for the next day.


Cubed Avocado
Cut avocado in half and remove the pit. Cube the avocado as shown above. This is the same method as how one would cube a mango.

Avocado in Lemon Juice
To slow down the browning of the avocado, mix lemon juice with the avocado cubes immediately. Then stir in some cut cherry tomatoes.

Avocado Wafu Salad Recipe
Place the avocado & tomato mix on a bed of salad. Garnish with cucumber slices, corn niblets and lemon, with the saucer of salad dressing at the side.

2 comments on “Avocado Wafu Salad”

  1. This is my kind of salad….delicious, healthful and packed full of seasonal flavours.

  2. The avocado is indeed perfectly ripe. I’ve had hits and misses with avocados too.
    Bought some online last week and they were good. Since the quality is good, I bought some more this week from the same grocery delivery service but hor…..so hard, and don’t seem ripe at all. Sigh…
    Even those I buy from grocery store is the same. Sometimes outside looks ok (looks just ripe) but inside already turned brown. :(

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