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Scallops Grain Bowl

This healthy one-dish scallops grain bowl is made from my one-pan scallops and cherry tomatoes, salad greens, a complex carb (quinoa) and goma-ponzu dressing. I have been making simple grain bowls like this for weekday dinners which are huge time-savers. They also make a balanced and wholesome meal. When I am eating light at night, I skip the quinoa to enjoy this as a low-carb salad.

Scallops Grain Bowl Recipe


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Japanese goma-ponzu salad dressing
This is Japanese goma-ponzu salad dressing. It takes less than 5 minutes to make. I made this by chance by experimentally combining goma and ponzu sauces, which are two of my favourite Japanese sauces. If you like a creamy, nutty and tangy salad dressing, this is for you.

Scallops Grain Bowl Recipe
This is the main plate of roasted scallops and cherry tomatoes (get the one-pan scallops recipe here). We top up our scallops grain bowl from here as we eat.

Scallops Grain Bowl Recipe

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  1. I am drooling over those meaty scallops!

  2. I will be famished, so let me have two bowls of that!

    P.S. You really eat quite little :O

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