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One-Pan Scallops and Cherry Tomatoes

This is a one-pan scallops and cherry tomatoes. The scallops are juicy while the roasted cherry tomatoes are caramelized and sweet. This dish can be served straight from the pan (on its own as a low-carb meal or as a side-dish) or as toppings for a salad grain bowl.

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One-Pan Scallop & Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

In this recipe, I used a square non-stick griddle pan with a detachable handle, something I bought on a whim almost 10 years ago. The pan can go from the stove to the oven by detaching the handle. Since I am using large scallops (more than 30 grams each) in this recipe, they take longer to cook than the cherry tomatoes in the oven. So I seared the scallops briefly on the stove to shorten and synchronize their cooking time with the tomatoes in the oven later. In the process, I also get some lovely grill marks on the scallops. I then added the cherry tomatoes, tossed in olive oil to the other half of the pan. Season everything with garlic salt and bake the pan in the oven.

One-Pan Scallops & Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

You can easily still make this recipe without the same pan as mine. Use any regular pan to sear the scallops’ before transferring them to a sheet pan for roasting. Or use smaller scallops (less than 30 grams each) so that the roasting time of the scallops are the same as the cherry tomatoes.

One-Pan Scallops & Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

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  1. wow..those succulent scallops are absolutely divine! Can I come over for the dinner? :-))

  2. Hi, may I know are those frozen scallops? And which brand ? Thank you.

  3. I cannot resist scallops! So yummy!

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