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Shrimp Salad in Uni Dressing

This is a 10-minute recipe for shrimp salad in uni dressing. The reason why I can put this salad together so quickly, was because I used bought fresh boiled shrimps from the deli at Donki. They are ready to eat, so they are even more convenient than the frozen cooked shrimps I bought in the past.

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Shrimp Salad in Uni Dressing Recipe

My shrimp salad consists of:

  • ready-to-eat cooked shrimps from the deli at Donki (SG). Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the shrimps in the packaging. I’ll update the pic next time I buy it. You can also use frozen cooked shrimps sold at the supermarkets – just thaw before serving.
  • half avocado (leftover from the day before)
  • salad ingredients that are always in my fridge these days – salad greens mix, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber & lemon
  • uni salad dressing (read more below)

So this salad was mostly put together with what that I had in the fridge. Even though it was impromptu & unplanned, the salad turned out really pretty & delicious!


Uni (Sea Urchin) Sauce

This is a bottle of uni sauce from Don Don Donki (SG). I splurged on this on my birthday as a treat :) – I made a creamy uni pasta with this sauce. Although a small bottle of the sauce is a bit pricey (S$18 for 140g), it is made with uni extract. You only need to use 1 tbsp of sauce for this recipe.

Easy Uni Salad Dressing

The uni salad dressing was put together very quickly by whisking olive oil, rice vinegar, salt & pepper. The dressing keeps well in the fridge for about 1 week. In fact, I made this dressing the day before. This dressing was umami-laden due to the uni (sea urchin) extract, so it will go well with seafood.


Shrimp Salad in Uni Dressing Recipe
Just arrange all the ingredients in the salad bowl, and a really pretty and delicious salad is ready!

2 comments on “Shrimp Salad in Uni Dressing”

  1. The salad looks phenomenal with the combo of flavours! I have to look for some uni sauce to try too.

  2. So convenient to have good quality fresh cooked/boiled prawns! I wish for such healthy delicious salad right now.

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