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Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl

This meal prep veggies rice bowl is not really a recipe as it was my lunch made entirely from reheating cooked food in the fridge. Yes, there was no actual cooking involved on this day, and I am happy! Thanks to meal prep, I already have ramen eggs, seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned black fungus, braised red cabbage and rice in the fridge. A “home-cooked lunch” right after work is a rarity and always cherished. With changes in my family’s work schedule which looks like they are there to stay for next year, I have to do more meal prep from now!

Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl Recipe
This put-together bowl is nutritious, wholesome and colourful. It can be the main or accompanying bowl in any meal and setting.


Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl Ingredients

Meal Prep Recipes:

Note: The last three links * are my meal prep for making Japanese ramen

  Leftover Ngoh Hiang (5-Spice Meat Rolls)

The ngoh hiang (5-spice meat rolls) was a takeaway leftover from the previous night’s dinner. If I did not have that, I would probably takeaway some cooked meat (like a roast chicken thigh or roast pork) from the deli on my way home from work.

2 comments on “Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl”

  1. I miss those 5 spice meat rolls! Love them with a spicy sauce for appetizer. This is a really nice meal.

  2. Haha, I saw those ngoh hiang in the black fungus post first ;p…now the mystery is solved.

    Ya, not cooking on the actual day but you still have to prepare and cook all the wonderful sides on some day right? I use store-bought cooked meat quite often, so sometimes family meal is not entirely
    homemade from scratch but semi-homemade is good enough.

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