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Black Fungus for Ramen

This is a quick, meal prep recipe for seasoned black fungus as ramen topping. It is really easy to make! The black fungus provided nutrition and a nice crunch to the ramen bowl. Check out the ingredients & step-by-step photos in this page.

Black Fungus (Ramen Topping Recipe)

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Ramen Toppings Rice Bowl
Besides ramen, the black fungus can also be a topping for rice, salad and grain bowls (pictured above; upcoming recipe).


Dried Black Fungus
This is dried fungus (pictured above). Weigh amount required, then soak in a bowl of water until reconstituted.

Fresh Black Woodear Fungus
If you buy fresh fungus, you can skip the soaking.

Black Woodear Fungus (Remove the 'Knot')
Remove the ‘hard knot’ at the underside of each fungus.

Black Woodear Fungus (Boiling)
Boil the black fungus for 3 minutes (pictured above). Drain and cool down under running water in a colander.

Note I’m only using half of the boiled fungus for this recipe. I used the other half to make a Chinese-style black fungus cold dish. 

Julienned Black Fungus (Ramen Topping)
Ensure the fungus is cooled before cutting them to thin strips (julienne).

Seasoned Julienned Black Fungus
Season the cut fungus with soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil.

Black Fungus (Ramen Topping Recipe)
Fry the fungus in a dry pan to remove the residue liquid from the fungus.

Black Fungus (Ramen Topping Recipe)

Black Fungus (Ramen Topping Recipe)
The seasoned black fungus is now ready to be used as a ramen topping. I sprinkle toasted black sesame seeds on the fungus in the ramen bowl. Keep the leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.

3 comments on “Black Fungus for Ramen”

  1. Black fungus is my favourite. I like them in soups, salads and stirfries!

  2. I always wonder how long cooked fungus can be kept/stored in the fridge. Scared 臭酸. Not so sure but the black fungus in chap chye seems to turn a little sour after a few days in the fridge. Or am I wrong?

    I am also eyeing at those 五香rolls alongside your grain bowl ;p

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