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Luffa Tomato Soup

Ever since I discovered luffa (I know I am slow), I have been cooking this dish (adapted from my friend’s Teczcape’s luffa tomato soup) repeatedly. It is a soup and veg dish in one, light tasting and also very healthy. Since luffa flesh is spongy, it readily absorbs any nice broth it is cooked in. Sometimes I also add some mung bean noodles (tang hoon) to soak up all that nice soup and to transform it into a simple one-dish meal.

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If you have ready soup stock on hand (if not you can use instant chicken stock like I did), you can whip this up in 20 minutes from start to finish. You can also use plain water and season it to your liking (salt, pepper/ soy sauce/ikan bilis).

Luffa (Ridge Gourd)

This is luffa aka angled gourd/ridge gourd/sponge gourd (丝瓜). Strangely, I have seen it all my life, but it never occurred to me to find out what it tasted like or how to cook it. I’m glad I tried it. Do you know each gourd has exactly 10 ridges? Read this post to find out more about this vegetable.

Luffa and Tomato Soup Recipe

9 comments on “Luffa Tomato Soup”

  1. I love the spongy and light texture of the luffa gourd, especially in soupy broth. They go well with stir-fry eggs too.

  2. Hope you enjoy your first experience with luffa :)

    Sometimes I swirl in an egg towards the egg, and serve them over noodles. One-dish noodle soup for lazy-cooks like me.

    Luffa is also good with clams – quite a popular dish in Taiwan.

    If you see another type of luffa (fatter version, no ridges), you shd try it as it yields much more flesh than this ridge-version.

  3. Used to eat lots of luffa soup during the summer season. My mom made it with silky tofu, pork or like yours, simply with tomatoes.

  4. I have not had luffa for ages…my mom used to cook it with ginger…and I did not know about the 1o ridges…so interesting!
    I like that you added tomato and chicken stock…looks delicious!
    Hope you are enjoying your week Wiffy :)

  5. i am going to try out your recipe.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! Added tang hoon and made it for lunch yesterday. :)

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