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Lo Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)

Lo mai gai (糯米鸡) is Cantonese for “steamed glutinous (sticky) rice with chicken”. This is a popular dim sum dish served during yum cha hours, where the sticky rice with chicken is wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf parcels.

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This one which is served in a disposable aluminium bowl is the everyday takeaway version found everywhere – from coffee shops, supermarkets to petrol kiosks.

Lo Mai Gai Recipe

I have never really liked the takeaway version, because it tastes quite “cheap” (processed taste, inferior chicken cut) to me. Until I made my very own. Although this is a simplified recipe using many short-cuts (rice cooker to cook the glutinous rice, no stir-frying of the raw ingredients), the taste is much better than the mass-produced ones. I think it is due to the fact that real ingredients are used – for example, boneless chicken thigh cut. If you are a fan of lo mai gai, you have to try to make this yourself at home.

How to Assemble Lo Mai Gai

cooked glutinous rice  Lup cheong and dried shiitake mushrooms  marinated chicken
Main Ingredients (from left to right): cooked glutinous rice, “lup cheong” (Chinese sausage) & dried shiitake mushrooms, marinated chicken.

Lo Mai Gai Disposable Foil Bowls  Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
I bought these disposable glutinous rice foil cases from a random provision shop. They measure 11 cm in diameter. You can also use shallow bowls or ramekins. Grease each bowl or ramekin with melted butter.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
Add some chicken, sausage and mushrooms in each bowl.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
Add cooked glutinous rice.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
Pack the rice tightly and flatten out the top using the back of a spoon.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
If there are leftover sauce from marinating the chicken, pour them on the rice.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe
Seal each bowl with foil before steaming.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinuous Rice Chicken) Recipe

Lo Mai Gai Recipe

9 comments on “Lo Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)”

  1. One of the must-haves when one visits dimsum restaurants! Yours looks authentic and delicious.

  2. Hello there,
    Just wondering if 1 cup glutinous rice is enough for 4 small bowls ?

  3. Selling? Hahaha, even the foil to seal is so pretty!

  4. Hello! May I ask if we use the normal rice cooker to cook the glutinous rice or have to use the intelligent rice cooker with glutinous function? Thanks.

  5. May I know where to buy the aluminum case with lid? Thanks.

    • I got mine randomly from one of those local neighbourhood provision shops which also sell a lot of kitchen goods (plates, pots, cutlery etc).

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