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XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box

This XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box looks like (to me) a Chinese New Year (CNY) themed lunch box. No, I did not plan this at all. It was CNY season so naturally, I put whatever I cooked and available in the kitchen into my packed lunch boxes. I do like the unexpected festive vibe of this lunch box.

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XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box Recipe

My lunchbox (I’m using Ikea’s 365+ rectangular lunchbox) consisted of 3 compartments:

  • Main dish: XO sauce asaparus & scallops. This seafood stir-fry is the main dish for the lunch box.
  • Steamed rice. I cooked Japanese short grain rice with added 16-grains.
  • Salad. The salad base is chopped romaine lettuce, topped with mandarin oranges which we have an abundance of at home.

MAIN DISH – XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops

XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Recipe Ingredients

XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Recipe

XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Recipe

Stir-fry asparagus & scallops with XO sauce –  You can check out the step-by-step photos here for the detailed recipe.

It’s a really balanced dish with scallops and veggies (asparagus, yellow chives & carrots).

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XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box (Orange Salad Dressing)

Due to an abundance of mandarin oranges in the house, I top the salad with mandarin oranges. The orange is de-seeded for ease of eating and cut to wedges to fit into the lunch box compartment.

XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box (Orange Salad Dressing)

The orange salad dressing is really simple! My S$2 Daiso bento salad dressing bottle comes in handy as it comes with measurements markers on it. Just mix orange juice, few drops lemon juice, vinegar, low-sodium soy & honey along with a tiny pinch of salt, shake together and its done. You can also make a batch of this orange vinaigrette recipe and bottle them when needed.


XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box Recipe

Pack everything in a 3-compartment lunchbox along with your choice of rice (mine was Japanese 16-grain rice). I recommend keeping the lunchbox in the fridge (or a cooler bag with an ice pack) due to the presence of seafood. When ready to eat, just heat up the main dish (add a splash of water to prevent drying out) & rice compartments in the microwave oven.

2 comments on “XO Sauce Asparagus & Scallops Lunch Box”

  1. I would devour the whole meal at no time! Look at those meaty scallops…seriously drooling over here. Your family is really lucky.

  2. Good way to pack a lunch box – to use whatever you have cooked and have available! No plan is good plan sometimes.

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