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Parmesan Orange Scallops Salad

This Parmesan orange scallops salad was made to accompany a large party tray of lasagne we ordered for Chinese New Year. In keeping to the festive mood of CNY (even though we are not eating Chinese food), I made a citrus orange dressing for the salad :p

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Orange Parmesan Scallops Salad Recipe

Orange Parmesan Scallops Salad Recipe
These are the scallops before baking. They are seasoned and then covered with a layer of freshly grated cheese.

Orange Parmesan Scallops Salad Recipe
This is what the baked scallops looked like, straight from the oven. You can see the scallops after the cheese had melted. All that scallop juices in the baking dish collected in the baking dish are very rich, do soak them up with some bread or cooked pasta to enjoy every drop of it.

Orange Parmesan Scallops Salad Recipe
As for the baked scallops, they are the main (and only) toppings for my salad.

Orange Parmesan Scallops Salad Recipe
The salad dressing, an orange vinaigrette, takes only a minute. It consists of orange juice, vinegar, olive oil, honey and seasonings. Drizzle the dressing over the scallops and the salad. This makes a refreshing and healthy salad amidst the holiday feasting. For meal prep, I usually make a bigger batch of  orange vinaigrette salad dressing to keep in the fridge for the week, but you can also make just enough for this salad recipe.

2 comments on “Parmesan Orange Scallops Salad”

  1. wow The combo of flavours is just unbeatable! The scallops must have tasted extremely good because of Parmesan topping.

  2. These scallops will be gone in a flash if they are right in front of me. I cannot resist the temptation!

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