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Orange Vinaigrette

This orange vinaigrette is a light & refreshing salad dressing which can be made in under 10 minutes. I love the sweet, tangy and fruity flavors as well as the bright summer orange hue! I’ve used this dressing on a meatless salad, chicken and scallops with great results so I think it is really versatile (see salad recipe links below).

Orange Vinaigrette Recipe

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Orange Vinaigrette Recipe

The basic orange vinaigrette is made up of orange juice, evoo, vinegar, honey and salt & pepper. This version goes well with all salads especially seafood. My preferred method is to add all the ingredients in a mason glass jar, cover and shake vigorously for a few seconds until well combined (lazy & efficient). Alternatively, you can whisk (or use a milk frother!) the sauce in a bowl.

The basic vinaigrette recipe can be also built up with dijon mustard, herbs and garlic for more savoury depth. I used this version for my rotisserie chicken salad.

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  1. Great use of orange juice as salad dressing! Next time I will try the “shake a shake” mason jar method :p

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