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Braised Broccoli in Dangui and Chicken Stock

Braised vegetables in dangui and chicken stock

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I’m leaving for sunny wintry Tokyo in a few hours time. As usual, I think I won’t be sleeping tonight because I’m afraid I will oversleep and miss my flight (sounds silly) =x Didn’t expect Tokyo to be this cold and I thought I already made up my mind that I wouldn’t travel to cold places (hate the heavy luggage, coldness, thick clothing etc) after my previous trips, argh =P

Anyway, here’s a little CNY recipe to usher in the new year of the Rat. The Chinese name is “花开富贵” (I think because the ingredients are un-cut and look like flowers) and I modified it from the free recipes booklet given by knorr cubes.

10 danggui slices
3 cups water
100g broccoli flowers
5 shiitake mushrooms
50g carrot, sliced thinly
100g white scallops
1 spring onion stalk
cornflour solution (1 tbsp cornflour mixed with 2 tbsp water)

1 cup of chicken broth
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp Chinese cooking wine (Hua Teow wine)

1. In a pot, add danggui slices with water and bring to a boil. Blanch broccoli, mushrooms and carrots in the dangui stock for 5 minutes and arrange on a plate. Reserve the danggui slices for next step.
2. Heat saucepan. Add in pre-prepared sauce, spring onion stalk and the danggui slices used earlier and bring to a boil.
3. Add scallop into saucepan till it’s cooked. Arrange scallops on the plates. Discard spring onion and danggui slices.
4. Thicken mixture with cornflour solution. Pour over vegetables. Serve hot.

5 comments on “Braised Broccoli in Dangui and Chicken Stock”

  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai…I like the star shape carrots???

  2. Happy CNY! I really like how you use chinese herbs to liven up the dish.

  3. A very simple and swift braise, something I am not used to (I tend to go for the arduous, long, and ultimately unsuccessful braises). Have a fantastic time in Japan.

  4. Happy CNY! Enjoy your time in JP!

  5. How do you cut the carrots into star shape?Can u pls teach me?
    Thank you.

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