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Baked Scallops with Cheese

Baked Cheese Scallops

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This is a fuss-free recipe for scallops baked with cheese and creamy mayonnaise. I love scallops and I think there is something so beautiful about scallops served in their shells.

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The creamy sauce is non-cooking (just softened butter and mayonnaise mixed into a smooth paste) and very easy to prepare. This appetizer dish is low on effort, high on taste and the result looked very gourmet.

Aglio Olio

I used the scallops broth (don’t throw the good stuff away!) to make a quick-cooking second dish of aglio olio and the result was really good as well.

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  1. I tried these last night and they were so perfectly delicious. The amount of fats in this makes it the perfect keto dish as well!

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