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Bulgogi Beef

My favourite meat at Korean BBQ restaurants has to be bulgogi or Korean grilled marinated beef. The home-cooked bulgogi is even more enjoyable, as we get to buy a good cut of beef to cook with. This recipe is very simple – just marinade and cook – with the ‘hardest’ and most ‘time-consuming’ part of this recipe is waiting for the meat to marinade in the fridge ;)

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Although bulgogi is great for barbeques, in the home version I simply pan or stir fry them in the wok.

Beef Bulgogi Recipe

You can eat bulgogi with steamed multigrain rice or wrap them with lettuce and a dab of home-made ssamjang (Korean spicy sauce) to make ssambap (Korean lettuce wraps). I also add it to my bibimbap occassionally. Whichever way we serve it, it is simply delicious!

Beef Bulgogi Recipe (Marinade)

In this recipe, I bought a small slab of rump steak and sliced the beef myself. It is mid-range (400 grams piece cost S$16), and the cooked beef is so tender that it literally melts in our mouths.

Nam Shui Pear

Besides using a fairly decent cut of beef, the pear juice in this recipe also helps to sweeten and tenderize the beef naturally. I used the “nam shui” variety of pear which can be found at local supermarkets. Any Japanese or Korean variety of pear (round and yellow) will be great for this recipe, as they are sweeter and juicier than the usual green pears.

Beef Bulgogi Recipe

5 comments on “Bulgogi Beef”

  1. Love home-made versions of bulgogi with natural tenderizers and better cut of meat.

  2. This marinade 下足了料!Must be so good. I seldom have bulgogi outside so no “inspiration/motivation” to make bulgogi at home.

  3. Have never had a bulgogi…..they look just like my favourite lettuce wraps.

  4. Is it possible to leave out corn syrup? Or anything I can use to replace it?

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