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Korean Multigrain Rice

At home, we call this healthy mix of multigrain rice the ‘hamster rice’. Back when I had a hamster, I bought multi-grains as part of a replacement for the commercially sold hamster mix (too much artificial stuff). Knowing that hamsters are the most acute food connoisseurs and seeing how much they love these grains, one day I snuck some into our usual white rice to cook in the rice cooker. Since then, we have not turned back and have been eating mixed grained rice most of the time – the only other time we still prefer pure white rice is with curry.

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The multi grains provided a nice crunchy texture with additional flavour, nutrients and fiber. On its own, I think the multi-grains are not too palpable (a bit too dry) but when mixed with white rice, especially short grain rice, the mixed rice really comes together. It is so delicious that we can even eat it on its own! Sometimes we also add a spoonful of unpolished brown rice for additional fiber. I also learnt that this type of mixed grain rice is very popular in Korean cuisine; this is the rice I used for my bibimbap.

Bulgogi Recipe (Korean BBQ Beef)

We eat this rice as a replacement for the usual white rice. When cooking Japanese and Korean (as above, served with bulgogi beef), I definitely use short grain rice to go with the grains. Other times (such as Chinese or Thai), I use long grain rice.


This is the brand of multi-grains I used. I bought it from NTUC. There are many types of multigrains available in the market, and some can be very pricey (especially those imported from Japan). They come in different concoctions too (e.g. with green beans). You can use your favourite brand and blend of grains for this recipe.

Multigrain Rice Recipe

9 comments on “Korean Multigrain Rice”

  1. Oh, the texture of your rice+ multigrain rice looks perfect.

    I agree that while multigrain works and pairs well with most dishes, (white) rice still pairs perfect with curry and maybe…when cooking nasi lemak or chicken rice, for example, multigrain also does not taste as good as when using white rice.:P

  2. May I know where to buy multigrain?

  3. Have to learn from hamsters and eat what they love :) This is really an improved version of rice.

  4. Not so easy to buy ready made multigrains in China – can you list what kind of gains are in the one you use?

    • List of ingredients in my pack of multigrains:
      brown rice, oat, songhum, buckwheat, wheat, barley, millet, pearl rice, black glutinous rice, gordon euryale seed

    • Thanks. Had to make up my own blend, but it didn”t even come close to yours. Hard to get all ingredients cooked evenly though. Great taste anyway.

  5. Seems very delicious and healthy :)

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