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5-ingredient Pork Porridge

I had a cold last week and it made me crave for simple home-cooked food. So I remembered my mum’s super easy pork porridge she frequently made during my school days. There are so few ingredients in this, that even though I was sick, I was confident of cooking it. The result was indeed close to home. This recipe is great when you want to cook something that is easy, homely and requires few ingredients.

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The 5 main ingredients are rice, pork, soy sauce, sesame oil & cornstarch.  I did not count water, salt & pepper (since they are basic ingredients for almost any dish) and garnishes (which are optional).

5-ingredient Pork Porridge Recipe
Soy sauce is the main seasoning here. It is used to marinade the mince pork and also to season the porridge, hence the colour of the porridge. You can use both brown rice (need a slightly longer simmering time) or white long grain rice for this recipe.

4 comments on “5-ingredient Pork Porridge”

  1. Hope you are feeling better now!! The congee looks really tasty and comforting.

  2. Is it ok to marinade the minced pork overnight in fridge? 

  3. Simple to make and delicious! Thank you.

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