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Stir-fry Bean Sprouts, Chives & Seafood

I bought some bean sprouts & chives to make noodles, but the weekend past by quickly (aka I got lazy) without me doing any cooking. So before the veggies perished, I quickly made this stir-fry bean sprouts, chives & seafood (I had a pack of frozen seafood mix in the freezer). Previously, I had done a similar stir-fry with Ikea meatballs and I loved it. This version with seafood had a more refreshing taste than the rich-tasting Ikea meat balls. So besides eating it with rice, it will also taste good on its own with a light-tasting beer or sake when doing home izakaya.

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Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood Recipe

Ingredients & Preparation

Frozen Seafood Pack (Shrimp, Squid, Clam)

I am using a frozen seafood mix which comes with a mix of shrimp, squid & clam meat. Thaw the seafood and pat them dry on paper towels before cooking. Lightly season the seafood with salt & pepper during stir-frying.

Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood Ingredients

Rest of the Ingredients:

  • The chives are cut to 5-cm (2-inch) sections.
  • Beansprouts, chives (bottom) and carrot goes into the pan at the same time.
  • The chives (green part) goes into the pan later as they cook more quickly.
  • The stir-fry sauce is made with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sake, sugar, water, cornstarch and white pepper. Give the sauce a good stir again just before adding to the pan.

Make The Dish

Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood (Step-by-Step)
Fry ginger and seafood with a bit of salt and pepper. Set aside on a plate.

Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood (Step-by-Step)
In the same pan, cook bean sprouts, garlic chives (bottom end), carrot and garlic. Once the bean sprouts start to soften, cover with lid to steam for about 2 minutes.

Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood (Step-by-Step)
Add the remaining chives and pour the prepared sauce evenly over the contents. Stir fry briskly to coat everything in the sauce.

Stir-fry Beansprout, Chives & Seafood Recipe
Lastly stir in the cooked seafood, mix well and serve!

3 comments on “Stir-fry Bean Sprouts, Chives & Seafood”

  1. It looks so GOOD. I probably have to double or triple the portion though LOL

  2. Also can add noodles and make this one-dish meal :) Seafood mix vs Ikea meatballs – I pick the former.

  3. This dish was sooo amazing! Such a delicious recipe with a few basic ingredients! Thanks.

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