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Low Carb Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup

For the past 2 weeks, I have been making this low carb chicken & veggies miso soup. My bowl of miso soup comes with boneless chicken, zucchini, daikon, hon shimeji mushrooms & tofu puffs.

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Konnyaku (Konjac Cake)
It also contains konnyaku (konjac), an almost zero-calorie ingredient. The konnyaku not only adds a nice chewy texture to the soup, it also provides more fullness as a faux carb for those eating this soup as a low-carb meal on its own without rice. You can omit, add less or more konnyaku to this soup recipe according to your preference.


Stir-fry Chicken & Black Fungus (Marinated Chicken)
Marinate boneless and skinless chicken pieces in seasonings for at least 15 minutes (or up to overnight) in the fridge.

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
First, drain and discard the liquid from the konnyaku bag. Cut the konnyaku block to desired thickness and shapes. I cut them to small thin squares as pictured above so that I can have chewy konjac in every spoonful. Add the konjac to a soup pot together with some cut daikon, …

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
… dashi powder, …

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
… and water. Bring to a boil (pictured above), cover with lid and simmer for 3 minutes.

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Add marinated chicken and when the soup boils, reduce to a simmer. Skim off all the scum bits on the surface with a mesh skimmer (pictured above).

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Add cut zucchini, Japanese scallion, beancurd puffs and hon shimeji mushrooms. Bring to a boil then simmer covered again for 3 minutes.

Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Add more water if required. Turn off the stove and immediately dissolve the miso paste through a miso strainer (I got this nifty tool from Daiso). If you don’t have this tool, whisk the miso paste in a bowl with some hot soup separately.

Low Carb Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe

Low Carb Chicken & Veggies Miso Soup Recipe
The quick miso soup is done! There are loads of ingredients in this soup. Even without the konjac, it is quite filling on its own as a light meal. This soup can accompany any Japanese or Asian meal.

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  1. I LOVE konjac products! The soup looks so tasty and healthy…I am not surprised that you have been eating it last two weeks…I would love some too.

  2. 我想我应该会吃不饱, lol

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