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Sambal Spam Fried Rice

What’s nicer than spam fried rice? For me that will be this spam fried rice with sambal chilli.  This fried rice has a good mix of flavours in it – it is hot, savoury (salty), a little sweet and a little tangy.

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Sambal Spam Fried Rice Recipe
Cooking fried rice is always a good way to clear the fridge. Ingredients substitution possibilities are endless. You can substitute the spam with other protein of choice (such as tofu, prawn or chicken). The frozen veg (corn, carrot, peas) in this recipe can also be substituted with any leftover veggies (such as kale, kailan or broccoli) in the fridge. I’m using white long-grain rice (which I takeaway from the fish soup stall the night before), but brown rice or short-grain rice will do as well.

Taho Belacan Chilli
This is the supermarket bottle of belacan chilli I used for this recipe (you can use any brand). Warning: This brand is very hot but don’t worry, I did not add a lot. There is also a good amount of ketchup used to balance the heat of the sambal chilli.

Sambal Spam Fried Rice Recipe
The fried rice sauce consists of sambal paste, tomato ketchup, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chicken or mushroom seasoning powder and white pepper.

Sambal Spam Fried Rice Recipe
These are some of the main ingredients for the sambal spam fried rice. We have chilli, garlic, lime, shallot, frozen vegetables, spam and egg. These ingredients provided much flavour and colour to the fried rice.

Sambal Spam Fried Rice Recipe
Enjoy the fried rice garnished with spring onion/coriander and lime.

5 comments on “Sambal Spam Fried Rice”

  1. Very appetizing and moreish! I just bought a jar of sambal sauce too. Might make some with quinoa soon :-) Thanks for the inspiring recipe!

  2. Always love the kick of sambal to spice up my spam fried rice

  3. Love your spicy rendition on spam fried rice! :)

  4. There’s 15g unsalted butter in your ingredient list. Is it used as a substitute for cooking oil?

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