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Glass Noodle Soup (Fish Dumpling & Minced Pork)

I cooked this homely bowl of glass noodle soup 冬粉汤 (or more commonly known as ‘tang hoon soup’ locally) as I was suddenly craving for this dish. My bowl of noodles comes with generous pieces of fish dumplings (鱼饺) and tenderly cooked minced pork. It was a very satisfying lunch!

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Glass Noodle Soup (Fish Dumpling + Minced Pork) Recipe

When it comes to ordering fish ball noodles, there are different combination in terms of noodles choice, soup/dry and the mix of ingredients in the bowl. I usually order glass noodles nowadays because it is the only complex carb option :P Fish dumpling is one of the ingredients, but usually you only get like one fish dumpling when you order an assortment bowl mixed with fish balls, fish cake slices and pork. So this time round, I spammed my bowl with two of my favourite ingredients (the fish dumpling + minced pork).


Pre-cooking Preparation:

Marinated Minced Pork
Marinade minced pork (preferably with some fats on) with seasonings in a heat-proof bowl for about 15 minutes.

Fish Dumplings
This is fish dumpling (鱼饺). I used half a tray (5 dumplings) for my solo lunch.

Soaked Glass Noodles
Soak the glass noodles in a bowl of water for a few minutes until softened.


Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Bring a pot of water with half a boullion soup cube (fish or ikan bilis) to boil. Season soup with a bit of light soy sauce, to taste. Alternatively, you can use home-made ikan bilis stock.

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Transfer one ladle of boiling soup to the bowl of marinated pork. The reason for doing this will be explained shortly.

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Meanwhile, add fish dumplings and boil until cooked, about 2 minutes.

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Add the bowl of marinated pork in hot stock into the pot, cutting the pork to smaller pieces with a wooden spoon in the bowl as you do so. Boil briefly – the pork will be cooked in almost no time at all.

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
The extra step of “tempering” the uncooked pork with the hot broth shortly before cooking, makes it much more tender and prevents overcooking! I learned this trick from watching the hawker in action while standing in the queue, and this small additional step made a huge difference in the texture of the cooked pork!

Glass Noodle Soup Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Finally add the drained softened glass noodles to the pot to cook for a few seconds.

Glass Noodle Soup (Fish Dumpling + Minced Pork) Recipe
Dish out to a serving bowl and garnish with lard pieces + lard oil (optional), lettuce, chilli and spring onions. Serve immediately, otherwise the glass noodles will soak up all the soup. It’s delicious!

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  1. I want to try those fish dumplings! This is a wonderfully delicious and healthful meal.

  2. So homey! So tasty! Comfort food.

  3. So homey and tasty comfort food!

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