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Stir-fry Snow Peas with Dried Shrimps

This stir-fried snow peas with dried shrimps was made in a jiffy. The actual time the snow peas sit in the wok is only about a minute or two, as they cook fast. Fast cooking will result in crisp and vibrant snow peas. As usual, I prepare most of the ingredients the night before, so that when I reach home, I can make this dish in record time.

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How to Prep Snow Peas
To prep the snow peas, I “pull and discard” the “strings” at the sides of each pod, so that they are not woody after cooking. Do you do this too? I know many people who don’t, but my family does not like snow peas that has not been prepped this way due to the snow peas’ woody fibrous texture. This process took me a little over 5 minutes for a whole packet, so that meant extra work for me :P

Dried Shrimps
Dried shrimps (aka “hei bi” or 虾米) add a savoury depth to the dish. The dried shrimps are first soaked in hot water until softened, then patted dry on paper towels. I return some of the dried shrimp soaking liquid when stir-frying to flavour the dish. The cooked dried shrimps can also be eaten with rice.

Stir-fried Snow Peas with Dried Shrimps Recipe
This dish goes well as a vegetable side to any Chinese meal. For variations, you can add a protein such as prawns (shrimps), chicken, pork or tofu for added sumptuousness. 

3 comments on “Stir-fry Snow Peas with Dried Shrimps”

  1. Quick, flavourful and so delicious with dried shrimps!

  2. 5mins is also quite fast leh! I try to remove the fibrous strings too but as neat as how you have done it

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