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Hairy Gourd with Mince Pork

This is a homely stir fry recipe for hairy gourd with mince pork (肉碎). I cooked this dish using leftover marinated mince meat I had from making kau kee soup. You will see this dish (or variations of it) very often at our local economical rice stall. This is a savoury veggie and meat dish which goes very well with rice.

Hairy Gourd with Mince Pork Recipe

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Sliced Hairy Gourd (Fuzzy Melon/Marow Green)
Hairy gourd is also known as “fuzzy melon” or “marrow green” (毛瓜/节瓜). The name is probably derived from the fine “hairs” on the skin surface, giving it a “fuzzy” appearance. As a substitution, you can use 10-ridged luffa (also common in SG), Taiwan loofah squash or any local melon. In this recipe, I cut the hairy gourd to thin strips (pictured above; this was prep the night before). I love this melon because it is readily available (here in Singapore), cheap (a small whole gourd cost me only $1) and there is a lot of flesh (as compared to its ridged loofah cousin).

Hairy Gourd with Mince Pork Recipe
This recipe is also very adaptable; sometimes I omit the mince for a meatless version, sometimes I add tang hoon (glass noodles) & simmer with more stock, sometimes I add prawns instead of mince, and sometimes I stir-fry the gourd with dried shrimps for added flavour.

2 comments on “Hairy Gourd with Mince Pork”

  1. Hairy gourd is one of my favourite summer veggies! This looks so appetizing!

  2. Loving all your homely dishes including this one.

    Hahah, high CP vegetable (gourd)….good!

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