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Fried Shark Fillet

I’m not sure if you are familiar with this Chinese-style fried shark fish fillet (it didn’t seem common among my circle of friends), but I certainly grew up eating this dish. This is one of my mum’s many specialty dishes.

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My mum always uses local shark meat fillet to make this (note: the meat, not the fin, and it’s an entirely different breed from the endangered species of shark). In fact, this variety of shark meat is in abundance locally, so it is relatively cheap (1kg for about $12). The fish meat is tasty, soft and tender. The ingredients are few and simple, and the batter tastes light not floury. Even when the fried fish turned cold, they still tasted good. They are so addictive that we love to snack on them even before dinner starts. This plate was cooked entirely by my mum by the way, I was merely photographing, measuring and documenting the recipe as I wanted to learn this treasured family recipe from her.

Shark Fish Fillet
This is the fish (no bones or skin), sliced into small fillets, which is used in this recipe. If you buy the fish from the wet market, you can request the stall to remove the fish skin and bones for you, reducing most of the hard work required for this recipe.

Chopped ginger
Chopped old ginger, added into the fish batter. Although the pieces look solid, you won’t taste the ginger pieces when the fish is cooked.

Fish in Batter

And this is the battered fish, before deep-frying.

11 comments on “Fried Shark Fillet”

  1. These look really light and not greasy at all! All you need now is a little bit of chilli sauce :-)

  2. Hmmm, now this is a fish which I really do not know if I have tasted before. Interesting.

  3. They must be very delicious!

  4. May I know what’s the Chinese name of this shark fin fish in your recipe?
    So that I can get it from the wet market.

  5. Your shark fillet must be different from the shark fillet here, the one sold in the U.S. is just tough and bad, not soft and tender.

  6. my favourite dish too, almost similar everything the same plus some brandy

  7. Please put the step by step photos like you used to.. i like it that way better!!

  8. I have tried this recipe. It is awesome!

  9. Can I replace self raising flour with other flour to achieve this effect

  10. I’m in Ecuador, and I bought a little Bull Shark right from the fishing boat.
    Didn’t know what to do with it, so I found this recipe here – it’s just delicious and so simple to make!
    thank for posting this!

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