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Butter Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

Hon shimeji mushrooms (aka beech mushrooms) are cheap now so I have cooking frequently with them. I have been buying two punnets for $1.50 at Prime supermarket for the past two weeks, which is a steal to me. This butter hon shimeji mushroom is adapted from my butter shiitake mushrooms recipe. These mushrooms are really flavourful with lots of butter and this dish is so quick to make.

Butter Hon Shimeji Mushrooms Recipe

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Butter Hon Shimeji Mushrooms (with Scrambled Eggs)

As a low-carb meal, I eat it on its own, along with some fluffy scrambled eggs topped with the butter shimeji mushrooms as toppings. I also served it as a side dish with rice for a Chinese home-cooked dinner. It being a versatile dish, either way of serving is really nice!

Butter Hon Shimeji Mushrooms Recipe

If you follow the recipe to a T, you may find that there seem to be a lot of butter and olive oil used. That’s not a typo in the recipe regarding the amount of ingredients. Whenever I use lesser amount of butter + oil in the past, the cooked mushrooms turned out too dry & not flavourful. In this dish, the mushrooms will absorb most of the butter (btw, don’t use margarine!) and olive oil, which I personally regard as healthy fats.

3 comments on “Butter Hon Shimeji Mushrooms”

  1. Love shimeji mushrooms! I love them cooked with lots of butter or ghee too :-)

  2. I also buy more when the shimeji mushrooms go on sale here! We are also same kind of budget shoppers when it comes to food, right? :p

    Pan-fried those (sliced flat) trumpet mushrooms in butter before and it was very aromatic delicious (butter makes it tastes more delicious, of course!). So I’m VERY sure this stir-fry is the same.

  3. Yummylicious! ????❤️

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