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Butter Shiitake Mushrooms

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This butter shiitake mushrooms is a simple and quick dish to whip up whenever there’s not much time for either grocery shopping or cooking. Despite the minimal effort needed to cook this dish, the taste is definitely not compromised.

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Butter Shiitake Mushroom Recipe

This can be eaten on its own as an appetizer, as a side-dish to any meal, or as a topping for anything (baguette, pasta, risotto).

Butter Shiitake Mushroom Ingredients

Other than the fresh shiitake mushrooms, the rest of the ingredients (pictured above) are pantry staples. You can use any favourite herbs – I usually use dried Italian seasoning, which is a handy blend of several aromatic herbs such as rosemary & thyme or dried parsley. For fresh herbs, my choice will be a sprig of rosemary and thyme, or chopped Italian parsley, or a small handful of basil leaves. You can also mix shiitake with other types of mushroom (my favourite will be baby oyster and button). The soy sauce can be substituted with any savoury sauce in the fridge (such as teriyaki) or 1/2 tsp garlic salt. This is a really flexible recipe which fits the cook’s access to ingredients and mood of the day.

First posted in 2007, updated in Jul 2017.

15 comments on “Butter Shiitake Mushrooms”

  1. Hi, I love your recipes. Just wondering…. Can we use dried Shitake mushroom?

    • Dried Chinese mushrooms? Those are usually quite hard and more suitable for stewing/braising than for a quick stir-fry. And usually need to soak in water to soften before use. I personally think fresh shiitake mushrooms will be more suitable for this recipe :)

  2. I made this, must have got it wrong, mine tasted of nothing.

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