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Fish Maw Soup

One of my favourite Chinese New Year (CNY) ingredients is fish maw. I like to eat it throughout the year, and not just during this festive season. It’s actually the swim bladder found in certain fish, and scary as it may sound to some, I love the taste and texture. They are delicious when braised or in steamboat, but one of my favourite ways of eating it is to make fish maw soup, like those chunky shark fin soup served during Chinese wedding dinners. Another good news for fish maw lovers is that it is said to be high in collagen.

Fish Maw Soup Recipe

Fish Maw

When buying fish maw, go for higher grade ones without the “greasy stink” though I know some people actually like this smell. Soaking the fish maw in hot water until softened then squeezing out the liquid and repeating this process help greatly to remove the smell. My favourite are threadfin fish maw which is soft without weird smell and cooks quickly.

19 comments on “Fish Maw Soup”

  1. For some reason the term “fish maw” just makes me smile hehe. I’ve never tried abalone (I’m a bad Chinese girl in so many ways!), but this soup sure makes me want to!

  2. I’m a fan of fish maw too..esp in steamboat.. but this looks luxurious as well. I love how thick your soup is.mm.. need to find good fish maw!

  3. Fish Maw always reminds me of CNY. Love to have a bowl now.

  4. Wiffy, happy CNY and hope you had a great celebration so far. Personally I’m not a fan of fish maw but your dish looks really good. I don’t mind the rest of the ingredients though.

  5. THIS is seriously good stuff!!!

    I was contemplating on cooking Buddha Jump Over The Wall for Day 15 but oh my gosh, when i saw the recipe, i almost fainted. Hahaha!

    I think i’ll cook this instead! Thank you babe, for the wonderful recipe!

  6. Crab Meat with Fish Maw is my favourite. It a must have for me in the restaurant whenever i have dinner with my family. However, I am starting to noticed that the restaurant is cheaping out on the consumer….they diced the fish maw really fine right now instead of a good chewy size. So, see if I can make it according to your recipe…

  7. hihi, when is the ginger used? caused i’m not seeing ginger being used in your steps..

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