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Low Carb Tom Yum Chicken Noodles

I’m posting this soon after my low carb tom yum shrimp noodles, as I want to use up the leftover lemongrass, mushrooms & kaffir lime leaves. This time round, I use boneless chicken thigh instead of shrimp.

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Low Carb Tom Yum Chicken Noodles Recipe


Note: I’m reusing some of the photos from my low carb shrimp tom yum noodles recipe. 

Marinated Boneless Chicken Thigh
First, marinate bite-sized chicken chunks (I’m using boneless chicken thigh) in a bit of fish sauce, soy sauce & white pepper for 15 minutes.

Shirataki Noodles
This is my packet of shirataki noodles aka konjac (Japanese yam) noodles. These noodles are nicknamed “miracle noodles” as they contain zero calories. I got mine from Sheng Siong for S$1.95 per pouch. The water in the pouch should be discarded as it has a “fishy” smell after being soaked in the konjac.

Cooking Shirataki Noodles
To completely get rid of any fishy smell, boil the shirataki noodles in a pot of clean water for 2-3 minutes before using. Set aside the drained noodles after rinsing them in cold tap water. As an alternative to boiling, you can soak the noodles in hot water for 5 minutes instead. I prefer to boil them.

Lobo Instant Tom Yum Paste
This is my packet of instant tom yum spice. I’m using this recently as it is a single use portion. You can use any favourite brand of tom yum spice and season to taste.

Tom Yum Shrimp Shirataki Noodles (Step-by-Step)
In a small pot, add aromatics, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and instant tom yum paste.

Tom Yum Shrimp Shirataki Noodles (Step-by-Step)
Add water and bring to a boil, ensuring that the tom yum paste is completely dissolved.

Cooked Chicken
Add chicken and simmer covered with lid for 2-3 minutes, until chicken is cooked as shown above.

Tom Yum Shrimp Shirataki Noodles (Step-by-Step)
Simmer to taste with fish sauce & lime juice.

Tom Yum Shrimp Shirataki Noodles (Step-by-Step)
Return the prepared noodles back to the pot.

Low Carb Tom Yum Chicken Noodles Recipe
Garnish with coriander before serving.

2 comments on “Low Carb Tom Yum Chicken Noodles”

  1. It has been years since I last had some tom yum dishes. This looks so very appetizing and chicken thighs are my favourite.

  2. 开胃!Long time since I’ve had “tom yum” anything.

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