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Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat

This is a Chinese-style quick simmered pumpkin & minced meat which takes under 30 minutes to make. This dish is savoury and goes very well with rice.

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Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat Recipe

I used large chunks of pumpkin as they withstand simmering better without breaking up. If you cut them to smaller pieces or slices, you will have to adjust the cooking time accordingly.


Marinated Mince Meat
Marinade mince meat (either chicken or pork) in seasonings for 15 minutes. I’m using minced pork in this tutorial.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Heat oil in wok, cook onions on medium low heat until they start to soften.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Then add the marinated minced meat.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
When the mince meat is halfway opaque, add mince garlic and chilli.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Stir fry until the mince is no longer opaque.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Then add pumpkin chunks, water and seasonings.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Cover with lid and simmer.
Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)

Simmer until it is easy to insert a fork into the pumpkin flesh. It took me about 6 minutes. Halfway through, open up the lid to stir so that the pumpkin pieces are evenly coated in the sauce. Don’t overcook the pumpkin as it will result in them becoming mushy and disintegrating easily when touched. If you cut your pumpkin to smaller pieces, you have to adjust the simmering time accordingly.

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat (Step-by-Step)
Thicken the sauce to desired consistency with cornstarch slurry (Note: I didn’t use all of that slurry).

Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat Recipe
Garnish with spring onions and serve. This dish is so good with rice!

3 comments on “Simmered Pumpkin & Minced Meat”

  1. Pumpkin is one of my favourite autumn veggies! Pairing with minced meat sounds and looks even better and so moreish too.
    I love it!

  2. Love pumpkin but just don’t like slicing it (when the skin is thick). So good for a dish like this – savory from the minced meat and sweet from pumpkin. Seriously I almost bought a pumpkin last week (Yes, almost. But in the end, I did not because …well, the thought of slicing it…). Ok, I shall buy it next shopping trip :p . I was thinking of just steaming it…simple simple ;p

  3. I do love pumpkin but haven’t made it with meat. That looks like a pretty wholesome and neat dish.

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