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Pumpkin Rice

First posted in Apr 2008, updated in Apr 2016.

I learnt to cook this homely pumpkin rice (南瓜饭) from my friend koalabear (thank you!). Not only is this pumpkin rice sweet and tasty, it also has a lovely bright and cheerful yellow hue when cooked.

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The buttery aroma of the rice blended perfectly with the sweet taste of pumpkin, which is softly mashed when cooked. The result is just heavenly deliciousness.

Pumpkin Rice Recipe

The cooking method is similar to my mum’s cabbage rice – involving stir-frying some of the ingredients in the wok and then tossing everything to cook in the rice cooker.

Pumpkin Rice Recipe

36 comments on “Pumpkin Rice”

  1. Hi Wiffy, I cooked this often as it is my family’s favourite (thanks for sharing). Most of the time I get it right but occasionally about a third of the rice is not cooked. The other two third of it is cooked. Any chance you know why?


    • hey celine, good to see ya ;) This has never happened to me! Did you measure the water for cooking rice? When the uncooked rice is fried in the wok, they may swell in volume, so estimation of water will not be as accurate as that of just normal plain uncooked rice grains without stir frying. Other than that I can’t really think of any other reason hehe

    • thanks, Wiffy! i suspected that it has something to do with the water too. anyway with the uncooked bits, my family polished it up too! LOL! they REALLY love this ALOT!


  2. Wiffy,

    May I know how much water to use for 2 cups of rice? Thanks

  3. Hi Wiffy,

    I would like to check if we are able to prepare ingredients with uncooked rice and store it in the fridge for use the next day? Will it spoil?

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  5. Simple and delicious! I would love some!

  6. This rice dish sounds and looks very tasty, pork belly, salted fish and pumpkin…all ingredients that I like.
    Thanks for the recipe Wiffy…have a great week :)

  7. Hi there, I just tried your cabbage rice recipe (it is super yummy!!) and thinking of trying this one soon, just wondering – no soya sauce or salt required? Where do you get the salty taste from?
    Thanks :)

  8. Hi I have been reading your recipes on and off for more than 5 years. When I need some idea of what to cook, I will go to your link to look for recipes. Do you intend to print all the recipes here into a cookbook for easy reference? If you do, please let us know where to get it, I will be the first one to buy.

  9. I made this with quinoa instead of rice and it turned out so yummy too! Needed no salt and the taste was just perfect. :Thank you!

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