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Shallot Sauce Minced Pork Rice Lunch Box

This shallot sauce minced pork rice lunch box was made for my family member to bring to work. Two days ago, I have already made a big batch of shallot sauce pork for meal prep, so this lunch box was a breeze to put together.

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Shallot Sauce Minced Pork Rice (Lunch Box Recipe)
Each lunch box contains brown rice, shallot sauce minced meat, a boiled egg and seasoned broccoli. This is a balanced and filling meal!

(1) Shallot Sauce Meat (Perfect for Meal Prep!)

Taiwanese Shallot Sauce Meat Recipe

I made a big pot of Taiwanese-style shallot sauce meat 2 days ago. The minced pork, cooked in an aromatic shallot sauce, is really flavourful and goes very well with rice. Leftovers keep well in the fridge too, making this dish ideal for meal prepping – I simply reheated the shallot sauce meat for our meals over the next few days. Meal prepping is very important to me for making lunch boxes since I work in the mornings, so I have limited time to make the lunch box for my family member to bring to work.

Check out the detailed step-by-step photos for shallot sauce meat recipe here.

(2) Spicy Broccoli Banchan

Spicy Broccoli Banchan
This is a 10-minute recipe for Korean-style spicy broccoli banchan (side dish). It’s easy to make as there is no stir frying involved. It’s mildly spicy and goes well with the shallot sauce meat & rice.

Broccoli Banchan (Step-by-Step)
To make this dish, steam or boil broccoli florets and cool them down in a colander under running tap water. Drain and place the broccoli in a food container.

Broccoli Banchan (Step-by-Step)
Add shredded carrot, Korean chilli powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped spring onions & toasted sesame  seeds.

Broccoli Banchan (Step-by-Step)
Mix well, season to taste and it’s done! It’s a really fuss-free and quick side dish to make.


Shallot Sauce Minced Pork Rice (Lunch Box Recipe)

I’m using an Ikea 365+ 1-litre rectangular lunchbox with 3 inner microwave-friendly compartments. Fill the compartments with rice, shallot sauce meat (and a boiled egg if you like), along with the spicy broccoli side dish. This lunch box can keep at room temperature for half a day, but for maximum freshness, reheat the minced meat & rice if you have access to the fridge & microwave. Enjoy!

3 comments on “Shallot Sauce Minced Pork Rice Lunch Box”

  1. That’s a well balanced meal! I am going to Asia store next week, hopefully I can find some shallot sauce to try.

  2. Wow wiffy – this looks very cute not to mention healthy!
    Great job. Will definitely get more lunch box ideas here.

  3. Talking about shallot sauce, it just makes everything taste so good! I have not tried shallot sauce before but just shallots itself – over rice, noodles, soups etc already can make something plain so delicious. In Taiwan, the shallots (and shallot sauce) is often used on the most plain-cooking steamed kueh and it’s like the star, making the plain kueh shine bright!

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