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Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter

This is a simple beef stir-fry with a supermarket cabbage platter. Whenever I am at the supermarket and clueless about what to make for dinner, I get a platter! It also provides a bit more variety of ingredients for cooking in smaller portions without having to buy in bulk.

Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe

Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe
I’m using the cheapest cut of beef (flank) in this recipe. It’s possible to make the inexpensive flank cut tender by slicing them against the grain and using Chinese wine & cornstarch in the marinate. You can also spurge on more premium cuts of beef (sirloin, ribeye or tenderloin).

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Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe
The beef and assorted vegetables provides a balanced side dish and goes well with rice.


This is my cabbage platter. With cabbage as the main veg, there are also sliced carrots, mushrooms and capsicum. I added on my own red capsicum and baby corn. I divided the cabbage to two portions to cook two meals.

Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe (Sliced Cabbage)
Cut the cabbage to uniform chunks. You can cut it to smaller pieces if you prefer.

Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe
The cabbage is first stir-fried, then simmered shortly until tender soft to liking.

Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter Recipe (Ingredients)
This is the prepared assorted vegetables, all cut and ready to make one serving of this dish. There are bell peppers aka capsicum, spring onions, fresh shiitake mushrooms, carrot and baby corn. We totally enjoyed the variety of assorted local vegetables in this dish.

2 comments on “Stir-fry Beef & Cabbage Platter”

  1. Yummy! A well balanced and delicious stirfry.

  2. The idea of getting that platter is great! 一盘菜更丰富了!

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