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Kam Heong Clams

Kam Heong Clams

I have an excess of curry leaves and decided to stir fry lala clams kam heong style – a popular Malaysian stir-fry sauce. Kam heong (金香) is Cantonese dialect and literally translate as “golden fragrance”. The spice blend includes dried shrimps, curry powder, shallots and garlic. This sauce is frequently used to stir fry prawns, crabs, chicken and in this recipe, lala clams. The aroma of the curry powder and curry leaves really stand out in this dish. I literally lick the sauce off the shells, so good.

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Local "lala" clams

Local ‘lala’ clams are inexpensive (I paid about $3 for 1kg) and fast to cook (about 2-3 minutes), so it’s really economical to cook this at home as compared to ordering it outside.

Kam Heong Clams

21 comments on “Kam Heong Clams”

  1. Wow such pretty pictures! Perfect lighting to show texture and I like how you even have all the veggies divided up in groups on the cutting board.

  2. Yay lala clams! This dish must be really really good. A combination of lala clam and tauco. In Indonesia we call kerang batik for lala clam.

  3. Clams are a favorite of mine! I wish I could find curry leaves here, and I’ve looked everywhere. Maybe I need to grow them myself!

  4. Well I really don’t like clams at all, but you managed to make this dish look inviting and appetizing. In fact I would probably try it just because it looks so good! :D

  5. Hi, thanks for this recipe! I love shellfish :D may i know where you bought your clams from though? the ntuc near my place sells them, but is rather pricey (i suspect because it is fairprice FINEST)

  6. Hi, may I know if I use curry paste instead of curry powder, would it make any difference? As I left with some curry paste in the fridge. Don wana waste it..=)

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