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Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

Note: This was first posted in Mar 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

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For someone who do not dare to eat bean sprouts since young, I would say I can cook a really good dish of bean sprouts with salted fish (豆芽炒咸鱼). I have tested this recipe with many people including older folks and they were all praises for this dish. And very strangely, I do dare to eat bean sprouts when cooked by me, in this particular way.

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One theory I have is that the bean sprouts are cooked just right (not raw tasting or over-cooked) which is cooked bean sprouts at its best – crunchy and sweet. My other theory which has not been disproved so far is that anything cooked in salted fish will be delicious. Cooked this way, the salted fish sort of mask the strong bean taste while still retaining bean sprouts’ natural sweetness. If you know anyone like me with an in-born intolerance for bean sprouts, I think this dish is a good “training dish” for them to learn to accept this ingredient.

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

13 comments on “Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish”

  1. i don’t remove head, only the tail coz the head can eat

  2. Hi, can you give me some tips on how to choose good salted fish? The ones I have here come in packets and some are in tiny small pieces which don’t look very good as they are dark brown. Some in thick slices that is pale colour (which I bought) but realised that there are so many bones in it and it is a pain to pick them out, in the end I am left with so little flesh for the dish and practically thrown out 3/4 of the pack – how do we remove the bones or are they edible? Thanks!

  3. Add slice of chiili padi, fish sauce.

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