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Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua

The last few days have been rainy, so this sesame wine chicken mee sua (麻油酒鸡面线) is the perfect dish for the cooler season. With ginger, sesame oil and Chinese wine, this dish is comforting and warming at the same time.

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Sesame Wine Chicken Soup

This is my bowl of sesame wine chicken soup. Can you tell how thick and rich the soup is from looking? It can stand well as a rich chicken soup on its own to be served with rice.

Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua Recipe

But the best way to serve is to add “mee sua” (wheat vermicelli/面线) to make this a one-dish meal. The silky noodles soak up the richness of the soup.

Ginger in Sesame Oil

Cooking this dish is also really simple. First, cook lots of thinly sliced ginger in lots of sesame oil. These two ingredients are warming (“heaty’) so use more or less according to your preference and the season.

Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua Recipe
Stir-fry chicken in the aromatic ginger oil until cooked on surface.

Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua Recipe
Add chicken stock, mushrooms and wine. Simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Despite appearances this is a relatively quick cooking dish. There is enough time to buy the ingredients from the supermarket after work and cook this right away for dinner.  I personally love cooking this the night before, to be heated up and served for dinner the next day since this dish tastes even better overnight, after soaking in the chicken soup and wine.  That saves me a lot of time if I know that I am having a long day ahead the next day.

13 comments on “Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua”

  1. Very nutritious and flavourful with sesame wine and ginger.

  2. The sesame oil will be most aromatic when the dish is cooked fresh, and enjoyed fresh! The leftover will be still good but definitely a different flavor dimension.

    This is another Taiwanese’s favorite, I think? :p

  3. Hello. Do you use 200ml of rice wine + 100ml of Hua Tiao?

    • Hi Ling, it’s only Hua Tiao (no rice wine). Add 200 ml in step 3 (simmer 15 minutes), then add the remaining 100 ml at step 4 to simmer for 5 minutes. This is to get a stronger wine taste vs adding all at one go. I’ve rephrased step 3 to make it clearer. Thanks.

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  5. Hi! Can I just use water instead of chicken stock ?

  6. I made it for myself and tried to 1/3 all the ingredients. I think the chicken stock cannot be 1/3 as mine became mee sua dry. ????
    But anyway it’s still very delicious.

  7. Hi, can i also add white fungus instead of black?

  8. Hello, can I keep this warm in the rice cooker for a few hours after cooking this? I’d like to cook this in the early afternoon to have for dinner at night but not sure if I can keep this warm in the rice cooker. Thanks!

    • Hi sorry for my late reply. Yes you can keep it warm in the rice cooker. For me, I usually reheat it only when serving again at night.

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