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Mum’s Simple Egg Mee Suah Soup

Update (19 Aug 2014): First posted in Jun 2009, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

Living nearby my mum definitely has its perks. This recipe was a result of sneaking over to her place during lunch time. This simple homely dish was something I took for granted in the past and now miss terribly (she stopped cooking for several years and only resumed last year). My mum used to whip up this simple one-dish meal of egg mee sua soup (鸡蛋面线汤) when I was in the pm session in secondary school. She cooked this whenever the kitchen is low in fresh food supplies, and/or when she need to cook in a jiffy.

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Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe

The basic ingredients are just mee sua (seasoned with sesame oil) and egg. For the soup, it is just plain water and soy sauce. Since I have not eaten this for a long time, my mum insisted to add the pork shabu-shabu and pacific clams as a sumptuous treat for me. But trust me, the basic egg and mee sua bowl is what I grew up on, and that is delicious too!


Even though this recipe is simple, my mum is very skilled in cooking the egg. Take care not to cook the egg too dry. Check out these step-by-step photos for cooking the egg:

Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe
Season beaten eggs with light soy sauce. Heat wok pan with oil, add egg mixture (swirl wok to cover entire surface).

Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe
When add is semi-set, use a spatula to scramble the eggs and cut them to large chunks.

Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe
Cook the egg until they are just set and still moist.

Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe
Add water and season the soup to taste with light soy sauce. Ladle the hot soup over cooked mee sua.

Mum's Egg Mee Sua Recipe
You can also add ‘liao’ such as shabu shabu pork and pacific clams for a more sumptuous bowl – but trust me, even the basic egg mee sua is deliciousssss!

45 comments on “Mum’s Simple Egg Mee Suah Soup”

  1. Recently I made tomato fried eggs and it simply makes a one-dish noodle taste so good. So I am very sure the eggs makes this mee suah soup very tasty.

  2. This recipe is certainly very reminiscent. I use to have it when I was young and took it for granted. Haven’t had this for ages. Our home version does not include egg but your recipe looks interesting. Will try. Thank you for the memories

  3. Were always having a mee suah at home but the way it is cook is very different from this.. and this is the other technique on how to cook it so I must try this too♥

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I’m trying to learn more about Asian recipes and I remember eating mee suah in a friend’s house for an afternoon snack and loved it.

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