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Rotisserie Chicken Pasta

This rotisserie chicken pasta is an easy dish that can be whipped up quickly, thanks to using a supermarket rotisserie chicken as short-cut. I’ll usually buy a whole roasted chicken from the deli at Cold Storage for S$4.90 and have the drumsticks & wings for dinner. As for the chicken breasts, I reserve them to make quick meals like this pasta, chicken salad, chicken noodle soup or stir-fry chicken noodles. This is how a lazy person cooks :P

Rotisserie Chicken Pasta Recipe

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Rotisserie Chicken Pasta Recipe

This is where I start from. In a large salad bowl (room for tossing), there are cooked macaroni, cherry tomato, shallot (red onion), hot chilli, parsley …. and shredded rotisserie chicken as the main protein. The sauce is really simple – just low sodium soy sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil & garlic salt. Toss and mix them well.

Rotisserie Chicken Pasta Recipe
The pasta keeps well in the fridge overnight and can be served chilled or at room temperature. It is perfect for packed lunches and meal prep.

2 comments on “Rotisserie Chicken Pasta”

  1. This is SO appetizing! I like to use leftover roasted chicken to make salads too. This is for sure a must try.

  2. Same here! That’s how a lazy person eats AND cooks – have the drumsticks & wings for lunch/dinner, and reserve the chicken breast as leftovers for other dishes.

    I like the Asian-twist on this chicken pasta, using red chili and shallots and the soy-sauce, sesame oil dressing.

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