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Stir-fried Asparagus in XO Sauce

Since my family loves asparagus, I am trying my best to cook them as much as I can, before the current Mexican asparagus (the thicker variety) ends. The prices are really cheapest this week, so I reckon it must the peak of the season.

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This stir-fried asparagus in XO Sauce a very easy dish, because XO Sauce on its own is so flavourful, one doesn’t need much further seasoning when wokking the dish.

Thick Asparagus

This is the Mexican asparagus I cooked with. To me, the pencil-thin variety of asparagus doesn’t make a good pairing in terms of status with the expensive XO Sauce (lol). Cooking this home costs only a fraction of the price charged at Chinese restaurants.

XO Sauce

XO Sauce is a seafood sauce popular in Cantonese cuisine and it’s rather pricey (about S$20 per bottle) due to the dried scallops which is a premium Chinese dried good. To me, foods coated in XO sauce simply taste good, so it is a god-sent sauce for stir frying for lazy cooks like me.

7 comments on “Stir-fried Asparagus in XO Sauce”

  1. A classic! I am so happy that asparagus season is here.

  2. The thick Mexican asparagus season seems to have ended here because they are not on sale anymore! :(

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Would love to try Cook it haha

  4. May I know why asparagus need to be blanched.

  5. May I know why we need to blanch the asparagus.

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