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Stir-fried Asparagus with Scallop

Thick asparagus from Mexico are now in season, so it’s time to cook my favourite stir-fried asparagus with scallop.

Thick Asparagus
It is luxurious to cook this dish with thick asparagus just like the ones served at Chinese restaurants. They look more gourmet and have a better bite. The pencil thin ones just don’t make the cut for me in this dish (though they can still be used).

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How to Prepare Asparagus

I used to think it must be difficult to cook thick asparagus but that’s not true. Just simply blanching it first for a minute before wokking will make for a very quick asparagus stir-fry.

Stir-fried Asaparagus with Scallop Recipe

You can replace scallops with prawns, pacific clams, chicken or pork and/or add carrots and mushrooms. Asparagus pairs well with many ingredients in a Chinese stir-fry.

Stir-fried Asaparagus with Scallop Recipe

4 comments on “Stir-fried Asparagus with Scallop”

  1. Can’t wait for the asparagus season arrive here! The stirfry looks very fresh and delicious.

  2. I just made asparagus with shrimps for dinner today. Not a stir-fry though. Steamed the asparagus (the thick ones), and parchment-cooked the shrimps with garlic. Then combine and toss everything with pasta. :)

    I love pairing scallops with asparagus too! Your stir-fry looks very restaurant-standard.

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