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Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce

This is the recipe for the ginger sauce that accompanies Hainanese chicken rice. To me, the ginger sauce is as important a condiment as the chicken rice chilli sauce. It’s so yummy that I can eat it on its own! Some hawker stalls provide a small portion of the ginger sauce. If you takeaway chicken rice, they will usually give it to you only upon request. I suppose it’s the cost factor! Well at home, you can have a generous serving of ginger sauce, especially if you don’t take chilli.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭)

Apart from Hainanese chicken rice, the ginger sauce goes well with steamed chicken too.

Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce Recipe

The home-made version is really fast and easy with a food processor (pictured above). You can also adjust the consistency and texture of the sauce to your liking. For example, for a more watery and finer sauce like mine, add more broth and/or blend a bit more. For a chunkier version, don’t over-blend.

Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce Recipe

5 comments on “Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce”

  1. Not all hawker stalls serve ginger sauce leh…
    I like the consistency of your ginger sauce.

  2. This is my favourite part of hainanese chicken rice!

  3. How long can the ginger sauce be kept for? Must it be refrigerated? Thanks!

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