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Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Chicken Karaage

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One of my favourite Japanese classic dish is chicken karaage (唐揚げ), or Japanese-style deep fried chicken. It is both easy and cheap to make this at home. It makes a great finger food as well as a side dish to accompany almost any meal, whether Japanese or otherwise (such as plain aglio olio).

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I love to accompany it with the no-fuss zaru soba and miso soup for a truly quick and satisfying Japanese home-cooked meal. The ingredients are cheap and you can make more for less buck at home. Serve it with a wedge of lemon and squeeze the juice over the chicken just before serving.

Chicken Karaage

14 comments on “Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)”

  1. Wiffy, I love fried chicken and this is one of must order when I go for Japanese food.

  2. My family loves chicken karaage too and thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.

  3. Yummy…but please tell me there is an easier alternative to deep-frying :P

  4. Oh yummy! It looks so crispy and I so love it.

  5. Wah, need to deep-fry ah??? It’s “forget it” for me lah! :( 只有流口水的份

    • yeah man. fellow anti deep fryer…(fear of deep frying, rather than anti eating)

      noted above comment that can use oven…will definitely try. loves karaage.

  6. Oh my! This is my favourite!

  7. It is indeed simple and satisfying! I don’t usually deep fry food at home so I’d just leave it for when I eat out :D

  8. looks delicious!

  9. Hi Wiffy,

    Can i omit sake/white wine? Because I want to cook it for my kids

    Thanks :)

  10. Do i fry together with the mince garlic bits or remove the garlic bits?

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