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Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette

This kimchi & green bean omelette is a Chinese-style egg dish, even although Korean kimchi is one of the ingredients. This recipe was a result of adding the last of the kimchi in the fridge (I’m wanted to use it up so that I can refill the bottle) to my mum’s long bean omelette recipe, and unexpectedly, a nice combination was found!

Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette Recipe

It had been raining every day for the past week, and I really felt like eating something comforting, homely and savoury in this cozy cool weather. So I enjoyed this omelette with some millet porridge. The omelette was moist, spicy, salty and full of flavours. I also had some leftover supermarket deli roast pork, which I crisped up in the air fryer.

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Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette Recipe
My omelette did not look perfect or pretty, and some parts of the egg were broken.  The plate looked really messy. But it tasted good, so I’m good too! :P

STEP-BY-STEP PHOTOS (Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette)


Egg Mixture

Egg Mixture
Whisk together 3 eggs, light soy sauce, white pepper powder and dashi powder (optional).


French Beans (Finely Cut)
Finely slice the french beans, pictured above. You can also use long beans.


Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette (Step-by-Step)
Heat up some oil in a pan (I’m using a large 26 cm pan) and stir fry some minced garlic, followed by the sliced beans.

Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette (Step-by-Step)
Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette (Step-by-Step)
When the green beans are almost cooked, distribute them evenly across the pan. Then add cut kimchi pieces to fill up the empty spaces in the pan – therefore the amount of kimchi in the recipe is just a suggestion.

Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette (Step-by-Step)
Pour the egg mixture over the contents (pictured above). After this, tilt the pan at various angles so that the uncooked egg can flow to the sides of the pan and cook more evenly (I failed to take a picture of that).

Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette (Step-by-Step)
Cook until there is almost no more raw egg on the surface (pictured above is the egg at about 80% cooked). After this, cut the omelette to smaller pieces with your spatula and turn them over to finish up cooking on the other side.

Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette Recipe
Garnish with spring onions and it is done!

3 comments on “Kimchi & Green Bean Omelette”

  1. It must be very appetizing! The roasted pork belly looks great too.

  2. It’s not messy lah…”messy” is also considered a plating style ;p

    While you finish the last of your kimchi, I just bought a new tub of kimchi (on sale mah! hahah).
    Yes, porridge is great on rainy days. Waiting to make porridge when the weather gets cooler and colder. Hope I remember to make kimchi with egg then , as side-dish to porridge.

  3. Lovely recipe! I have made omelettes with green beans and omelettes with Kimichi. But I never thought to combine the two. Just had it for lunch! (I thougt I still had some rice to heat up but ended up eating it with toast which was great) Will certainly make this again. Thank you for the inspiration!

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